DEA and BuffaloSwap make a partnership! Enjoy the incentive program in BSC!

・Opening new farming and staking pool in our good liquidity partner, BuffaloSwap!

In this article, I will explain the detail of the partnership with BuffaloSwap and how to get incentive rewards from BuffaloSwap.


I. What is BuffaloSwap?

II. How can I bridge DEP from Ethereum mainnet to BSC?

III. Details of this partnership and campaigns

IV. The background of launching and advance notice of pre-sales of our NFTs in BSC?

V. Let’s provide liquidity and earn DEP!

VI. Important notes

VII. Our partners

I. What is BuffaloSwap?

Buffalo Swap describes their project as a “fair, sustainable, and safe yield farm optimizer for everyone”. They analyzed hundreds of competitors and chose the best features to provide a high-quality farm. A key feature is their automatic liquidity builder that is produced via a 1.99% transfer tax. This is added to the liquidity pool automatically and raises the price floor continuously. Some of the other key features Buffalo Swap offers are no harvest lockups (can harvest Buff at any time), Anti-Whale technology (+0.5% of the total supply, will be rejected), Time lock, No Migrator Code, and a highly incentivized referral program.

We are really happy to announce that DEP and BuffaloSwap made a strategic partnership.. We believe that through this collaboration that we can provide further benefits to both communities and positively grow both projects.

II. How can I bridge DEP from Ethereum mainnet to BSC?

To join the incentive program, you must have BEP20 $DEP in your Metamask. To bridge ERC20 $DEP to BEP20 $DEP, please visit multichain xyz. If you have DEP in your MetaMask or other trust wallets, you will be able to see the images below. When you press the “Transfer” button, your bridging procedure will be completed in few minutes. One thing to note is that when you transfer the DEP from Ethereum mainnet to BSC, you will have to pay for gas fees as this is an open-source blockchain service.

After the bridge has been completed, you can find BEP-20 DEP on your MetaMask or any other supported wallet services. Please note that you will have to change your network from Ethereum mainnet to BSC to view your BEP-20 DEP tokens.

In addition, when you visit Anyswap official site on the BSC network, you can also find DEP on BSC with BEP-20.

After completing the bridge to BSC, your BEP-20 DEP will be available on BSC. That’s why DEA and Anyswap made a strategic partnership.

For more details, please see How to bridge DEP from Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain

III. Details of this partnership and campaigns

Once you have both sides of the token, BEP-20 DEP and the BUFF, now is the time to provide liquidity!

To provide liquidity, please follow the steps below.

1.) Visit

2.) Head towards Exchange and click Liquidity

3.) Click on “Add Liquidity”

4.) Select the desired pair (DEP-BUFF & DEP-REDBUFF) approve & confirm it.

5.) Visit &

6.) Search for DEP-BUFF & DEP-REDBUFF pair & click “Enable Farm”

7.) Now Stake your DEP-BUFF & DEP-REDBUFF LP token and earn $BUFF & $REDBUFF!

If you cannot find B-DEP, please fill in the contract code for the DEP down below. For more detailed information regarding DEP please visit CoinMarketCap or Coingecko
BSC Contactcode: 0xcaf5191fc480f43e4df80106c7695eca56e48b18

The followings are the details of the farming and staking pool in BuffaloSwap.

Stake $DEP LP token to earn $BUFF & $REDBUFF tokens
Starts : November 6th @ 12:00 PM UTC+0

$DEP is whitelisted at BuffaloSwap as a default asset
You can find $DEP by filling “DEP” into the asset list in BuffaloSwap

If you provide liquidity, you can earn 0.25% of trading fees according to the ratio of the total amount of liquidity in addition to $BUFF & $REDBUFF tokens! You can maximize your return.

IV. The background of launching and advance notice of pre-sales of our NFTs in BSC

We decided to launch our product not only Ethereum mainnet but also BSC and our smart contract of NFTs has already been deployed on BSC. BSC has a lot of users who are friendly with NFTs and growing rapidly not only for NFT projects but also DeFi projects. Based on those backgrounds, the strategy of BSC and DEA match. DEA focuses on NFT & DeFi ecosystem and developing and improving the services to contribute to the growth of the NFT & DeFi ecosystem.

We are going to conduct a pre-sales campaign for our NFTs in this Autumn or Winter created by Japanese famous manga and anime artists. In Ethereum, there are more than 70 famous Japanese and overseas manga and anime artists joining. The list of artists can be found in our NFT Marketplace by DEP.

The name of artists joining the pre-sales campaign will be disclosed soon so looking forward to it!
The image below shows some excerpts of the artists joining our platform.

Furthermore, we are developing our systems so that BEP-721 NFTs can be used in our games. This might be realized in Winter 2021 to early 2022.

For more details, we will show you the roadmap of our products soon in Medium.

V. Let’s provide liquidity and earn DEP!

Time is running out, you can join the liquidity provider’s incentive program immediately by acquiring DEP from the following exchanges. Furthermore, you can sign up for a PlayMining DEP wallet here to earn DEP by enjoying our gaming content!

VI. Important notes

Do not send BEP20 DEP to DEA wallet as DEA wallet uses Ethereum network. We cannot recover the wrong transaction. Before you send DEP to DEA wallet, please carefully confirm whether the DEP you are going to send is ERC20 DEP.

VII. Our Partners

Bittrex Global:
Bithumb Global:
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Beefy Finance :
CafeSwap :
Jetswap :
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Apeswap :



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